Christine for District 6 Supervisor Christine for District 6 Supervisor

Christine Johnson Enters D6 Race

by Randy Shaw

Why She Can Win

Christine Johnson, a former Planning Commissioner who was previously the San Francisco director for SPUR, has filed papers to run for D6 Supervisor. She faces Matt Haney and Sonya Trauss in a marquee local race for November 2018.

Johnson’s filing has been expected for months. After she resisted efforts to recruit her to run in December 2016 and June 2017, by last October she was changing her mind.

No, it is not “too late” for a new D6 candidate. In 2003, Matt Gonzalez filed to run for mayor less than four months before the November election. He finished second, beating candidates who had planned their 2003 campaigns years in advance. Gonzalez then nearly defeated Gavin Newsom in the December runoff. Many top tier mayoral candidates and winners like Art Agnos in 1987 did not announce until much less than a year before Election Day.

Johnson was not ready to run in December 2016 or June 2017 but is ready now. That she previously decided against running will be a non-issue with voters.

Johnson’s Strengths

Johnson’s greatest strength may be her personal life story.

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