Christine for District 6 Supervisor


Working together, we can make a better District 6 for everyone.

Focus on Homelessness

Homelessness has become a humanitarian crisis, a public health crisis and a public safety crisis on our streets. People deserve better, especially those experiencing homelessness and we need to be taking drastic steps starting today.

I support any and all efforts to get people experiencing homelessness into safe environments immediately. I would champion more:

  • Shelter beds
  • Navigation Centers; and
  • Mental health beds in our hospitals

Ultimately, the solution to homelessness is homes. As Supervisor, I would focus on keeping people in their homes and getting those who are already experiencing homelessness into appropriate housing. I would call for:

  • Expanded funding for eviction prevention which includes rent subsidies and legal aid
  • Revamp our local housing voucher program to ensure that vouchers are available to those who need them and are accepted by those who can provide housing
  • Building more housing of all types including, deeply affordable, middle class and supportive housing

Safe Streets, Clean Streets

No matter where or what time, we should be reasonably assured of our safety. Walking down our streets shouldn’t involve looking down to make sure we don’t step in poop or our kids don’t pick up a needle. And, residents of the densest parts of San Francisco, like our District 6 neighborhoods, need more outdoor community spaces.

As Supervisor, I would call for:

  • Collaboration with neighboring counties to address the increase in crime from non-SF residents
  • Providing more public open spaces to give respite to everyone especially our SRO residents and people experiencing homelessness
  • Supporting Safe Injection Sites
  • Implementation of Vision Zero SF

More Affordable Housing

Over my 14 years of public service in land use and community development, the top concern I heard was the fear of marginalizing and displacing existing communities in San Francisco. I'm equally afraid of displacement and I know that new housing is necessary in San Francisco, but it does not have to come at the cost of existing communities.

As Supervisor, I would:

  • Substantially increase funds dedicated to site acquisition and rehabilitation so existing housing can be kept permanently affordable
  • Implement an enforceable residential vacancy tax to get San Francisco residents back into our empty homes
  • Streamline the permitting process to get more housing built
  • Push to revoke expired land use permits that keep land underutilized for years and explore instituting first right-of-refusal for San Francisco to explore buying those properties for housing

Make San Francisco More Accessible

San Francisco is a city built for able-bodied people with no children. If you don’t fit that profile you will be fine… as long as you don’t try to find accessible goods, services and housing as you grow a family or age in place. And definitely do not attempt crossing the street. I want San Francisco to work for everyone.

I would advocate for:

  • More childcare facilities and services for seniors
  • City support for small business to provide accessible goods and services in our newest neighborhoods
  • Eliminating transit dead zones in our neighborhoods


Download Christine's platform in Vietnamese here.